Shoulder pain

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There is strong evidence that physical therapy is effective as a first line treatment of shoulder pain once serious injury has been ruled out. If you have developed shoulder pain over time we can help identify the key factors related to it and build a plan to get you back to full capacity.

Assessment of shoulder pain:

We first undertake a comprehensive history in order to hear your story, how the shoulder pain began and how it impacts on all aspects of your life. We will also screen for serious causes of shoulder pain.

We will then perform a comprehensive examination of the shoulder and surrounding regions. We are most interested in the postures and activities that you find restricting. This includes an assessment of the sensitivity of the structures to touch, move and load, the mobility of the shoulder and neck, and the ability to relax the muscles in the region, as well as the strength of these muscles.

Treatment of shoulder pain:

Based on all this information we will then explain to you in simple language, where the pain is coming from, the factors that are contributing to your pain, and discuss the best treatments options available to you.

Our practitioners can first help identify the main contributing factors associated with your shoulder pain. Based on this we can develop a plan that may involve a range of strategies to assist with things such as getting your shoulder moving, reducing pain and getting it stronger. This may involve hands-on therapies for a short period and will always involve exercise.

Sometimes it is scary to get a painful shoulder moving and we can provide you strategies to move which minimise discomfort. It is also important to know that it is safe to get active treatment even in the presence of the following diagnoses: rotator cuff tear, rotator cuff tendinopathy, labral tear, subacromial bursitis, subacromial impingement, shoulder arthritis, frozen shoulder, and acromio-clavicular joint pain.

Shoulders need movement and strength to stay healthy, so setting up a graduated plan to get active is very important. We will identify your goals and ensure the treatment plan is directed towards these. For some people this process may take 2-3 sessions, however for long term problems this may take up to 7-10 sessions over a 3-4 month period.

At Back in Balance, we are not interested in ongoing band-aid treatments for your pain. We know that the best approach to management is to help you understand why you have pain and what can be done about it, to put you back in control, moving more, and living life again.

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I highly recommend the treatments given by Josh. I sufferd from shoulder pain and he put my shoulder together quickly. Josh is very kind and knowledgeable. Many many thanks for your help. I appreciate it !

– Peet Ronin Husák

I have been receiving treatment at Back in Balance for my back pain and have had amazing results. Josh is very friendly and knowledgeable and has really helped me to become pain free.

– Emma Rosanne

I’ve been receiving first class treatment from Josh Gill, an Osteopath at the clinic, concerning a reccuring injury with tendon weakness spanning over 4 years. I was very depressed and using crutches, with little confidence I could engage in sport again.

The hands on treatment and rehab exercises have been invaluable and have sped up my recovery time. He really takes the time to explain body mechanics and healing, with a very encouraging and positive approach. I no longer need crutches or any kind of foot support. I’m really looking forward to resuming my varied fitness regime again.

– Hels Bells

I have been suffering with my back on and off for years now due to spending large portions of my working day hunched over fixing bikes. A friend recommended I go see Josh. I’d never seen an osteo before but i’m so glad I went.

My back has been so much better while at work, not just from the treatments but all the advice I was given about how to hold myself at work and exercises I can do when the pain starts. This was great value and well worth the money! Thank you

– Jasper Davies

Was treated by Josh for my low back pain which has now gone, also he made some suggestions for my diet which has really helped my dry skin. Highly recommend, very knowledgeable

– Jamie Acres

I highly recommend the treatments given by Josh. Last Autumn my back consultant suggested spinal injections followed by probable surgery to relieve my back and leg pain. I was treated by Josh and have been pain free since then. No injections. No surgery. Josh is a highly skilled osteopath. I felt he was extremely knowledgeable. He was professional and at the same time very caring and reassuring. I will certainly return if ever I have a skeletal problem again. Thank you Josh, I recommend you to everyone.

– Sheila Elmer

Josh has treated me for multiple acute injuries and several long term/postural problems I’ve had. You see results very fast and he doesn’t try drag things out over multiple sessions like a lot of therapists. The information and instructions he gave me have really helped to improve my overall health and reduce my injury’s, he’s on the cutting edge of evidence based practice for sure. Would definitely recommend 10/10

– Ben Royle